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Fort Peck Assiniboine & Sioux Tribes
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About 6,800 Assiniboine and Sioux live on the Fort Peck Reservation, with another approximately 3,900 tribal members living off the reservation.


The Fort Peck Reservation is in northeastern Montana, 40 miles west of the North Dakota border and 50 miles south of the Canadian border, with the Missouri River defining its southern perimeter. It includes more than two million acres of land.


A prosperous industrial park in Poplar is one of the largest employers in Montana. A variety of enterprises, including metal fabrication and production sewing, are housed here. Other industries, including an electronics manufacturer, flourish on the reservation. Farming, ranching and oil extraction also play a part in the reservation economy.


Fort Peck Assiniboine and Sioux Culture Center and Museum

The Culture Center and Museum features permanent exhibits of Assiniboine and Sioux heritage, arts and crafts.

406-768-5155 ext. 328

Fort Peck Community College

The college offers associate's degrees in the Arts and Sciences, along with one-year certificates. There is a tribal law library on campus, and a cultural center is planned.




Constitution & By-laws of the
Fort Peck Assiniboine & Sioux Tribes of the Fort Peck Reservation

The Fort Peck Tribal Executive Board consists of a Chairman, a Vice-Chairman, a Secretary/Accountant, a Sergeant-at-Arms, and twelve (12) Board Members. All members of the governing body, except the secretary-accountant are elected at-large every two years.

Meet the current membership of the Fort Peck Tribal Executive Board:


  • The Fort Peck Reservation, headquartered in Poplar, is the second largest reservation in Montana covering over two million acres of land.
  • There are an estimated 11,786 enrolled tribal members, of whom approximately 6,000 reside on or near the reservation.
  • Fort Peck Reservation is home to two separate Indian nations, the Assiniboine & Sioux Tribes, each composed of numerous bands.
  • The Assiniboine refer to themselves as "Nakona" and the Sioux call themselves "Dakota".
  • The tribe supplies the majority of the employment, which provides work to 400 employees in government.
  • Fort Peck Tribes annual celebrations include Red Bottom Celebration in June, Badlands Celebration in June, Fort Kipp Celebration in July, Wadopana Celebration in August and Poplar Indian Days in September.

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