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Rocky Boy's provides a home for about 2,500 members of the Chippewa-Cree tribe. The name "Rocky Boy" was derived from the name of a leader of a band of Chippewa Indians. It actually meant "Stone Child," but it was not translated correctly from Chippewa into English, and "Rocky Boy" evolved.


Rocky Boy's Reservation is near the Canadian border, in northcentral Montana. It is graced by the Bears Paw Mountains, which provide a dramatic contrast to the flat bottomlands of this area.


Rocky Boy's residents who work on the reservation are employed by the schools, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Indian Health Service and tribal government. There is also some wheat farming and post and pole production. The tribe is actively working toward development of its natural resources to be able to provide more jobs and income for its people.


Chippewa-Cree Recreation Area

Many outdoor recreation opportunities are available, including Bear Paw Ski Bowl, a tribally owned, fully operational ski area. The Chippewa-Cree Recreation Area is located 29 miles south of Havre in the Bears Paw Mountains.

Bears Paw Mountains

Stone Child College

A two-year college, Stone Child offers associate's degrees in the Arts and Sciences. There are future plans for a cultural center on campus.

Stone Child College



Constitution and By-laws for the
Chippewa Cree Indians of the Rocky Boy's Reservation

The Chippewa Cree Business Committee is the governing body of the Tribe. The eight Council members and Chairman are elected at large; serving four years on staggered terms. Elections are held in the fall of every even numbered year.

The Tribe elected to 'compact' the Bureau of Indian Affairs (FY 93) and Indian Health Service (FY 94) programs under Title IV of the P.l. 93-638 Act. The historical Act allowed Tribes the opportunity to determine their priorities and to exercise the inherent tribal sovereignty of the Chippewa Cree Nation.

The current membership of the Chippewa Cree Business Committee include:

Ken St. Marks
  • Ken St.Marks, Chairman 2012-2016
  • Dustin Whitford, Acting Vice-Chair 2012-2016
  • Janice Myers, Secretary/Treasurer Appointed
  • Harlan Baker, Council Member 2014-2018
  • Ted Demontiney, Council Member 2012-2016
  • Calvin Jilot, Council Member 2014-2018
  • Jody LaMere, Council Member 2014-2018
  • Beau Mitchell, Council Member 2014-2018
  • Ted Russette III, Council Member 2012-2016


chippewa cree emblem

  • The Rocky Boy's Reservation, headquartered at Rocky Boy's Agency, encompasses approximately 122,000 acres.
  • The reservation is home to 55% of the 6,177 enrolled Chippewa & Cree tribal members.
  • The name "Rocky Boy" was derived from the name of a leader of a band of Chippewa Indians. It actually meant "Stone Child," but it was not translated correctly from Chippewa into English, and "Rocky Boy" evolved.
  • The tribe call themselves "Ne Hiyawak" which means "those who speak the same language".
  • The reservation's economy is primarily supported by agriculture and livestock.
  • The tribe celebrates Rocky Boy's Pow Wow annually in August.



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