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The reservation is home to the Blackfeet tribe. Of the approximately 15,560 enrolled tribal members, there are about 7,000 living on or near the reservation. Nearly 27 percent of enrolled members are of three-fourths or greater Indian blood.

The Blackfeet Indians are commonly thought to have acquired their name because of the characteristic black color of their moccasins, painted or darkened with ashes.


The Blackfeet Reservation is in northwestern Montana along the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains. Its one-and-a-half million acres are bordered on the north by Canada and on the west by Glacier National Park.


A manufacturing plant on the reservation produces pencils, pens and markers. Several other businesses operate under Siyeh Development, Inc. Major uses of the land are ranching and farming. The principle crops are wheat, barley and hay.

There are eight major lakes and 175 miles of fishing streams. Tribal permits are required and guides are available through Fish, Wildlife & Parks. The tribe operates four campgrounds.


Museum of the Plains Indian

The museum exhibits the creative achievements of North American artists and craftspeople. A permanent exhibit displays artifacts of the Northern Plains Indians, and two special galleries feature changing presentations. The museum also houses a gift shop.

U.S. 89 Browning

Blackfeet Community College

Two-year associate's degrees are offered in the Arts and Sciences. Major expansion is underway.


Blackfeet Cultural History Tours

The tour feature half- and full-day tours of the Blackfeet Nation with historic and cultural points of interest.




Constitution and By-Laws for the Blackfeet Tribe of the Blackfeet Reservation

The Blackfeet Tribal Business Council consists of nine members elected from four districts of the Blackfeet Reservation. These districts include Browning, Heart Butte, Seville and Old Agency Districts. The tribal business council serves four-year terms. Terms are staggered, and elections are held in June of every even numbered year.

Meet the current membership of the Blackfeet Tribal Business Council:


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  • The Blackfeet Reservation, headquartered in Browning, is the third largest reservation in Montana encompassing approximately 1.5 million acres.
  • The reservation is home to 56% of the enrolled tribal members and is the largest Indian population in Montana.
  • There are three branches of the Blackfeet peoples-the Northern Blackfeet (Siksika), the Blood and the Piegan or Pikuni.
  • The tribe call themselves "Niitsitapi" (nee-itsee-TAH-peh) meaning "the real people."
  • The reservation's economy is primarily agriculture based. The principal crops are wheat, barley and hay.
  • The tribe's annual celebrations include North American Indian Days and the Heart Butte Society Celebration.

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